The 31 Best Subscription Boxes to Gift in 2022 | by Travel + Leisure

2022-11-08 01:58:51 By : Mr. Victor Yu

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If you’re looking for a gift with high impact that will keep your loved-one feeling special all year long, wherever the road takes them, consider enrolling them in a curated subscription box program. With dozens of themed boxes to choose from these days, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for even the most finicky members on your shopping list. Because let’s be honest, would you rather receive one gift one day or dozens of gifts over the course of a year? Plastic Box For Food

The 31 Best Subscription Boxes to Gift in 2022 | by Travel + Leisure

Whether your favorite traveler is a beauty guru, major snacker, or an avid reader who finishes their books halfway through the trip, add to their carry-on essentials with surprises tailored to their traveling style. Many subscription boxes charge for a full year at once or allow you to enroll in autopay for a low-risk annual (or semi-annual) gift that’s perfect for both your friends and your budget. Subscriptions and box frequency can be tailored to suit your traveler’s interests and schedule. You'll be providing a special gift they’re sure to remember on their travels, whether they’re hitting a campground or a five-star resort.

Here are the best subscription boxes to gift travelers:

Help your favorite traveler get a taste of new destinations from the comfort of their own home. The Try Treats subscription box arrives each month with a sample of a different country’s most prized snacks. From Israeli to Greek to Indian, the five snacks that arrive every month are bound to be a pleasure to try.

Price at time of publish: $18 per box

For budding adventurers, consider this monthly box of cultural geography activities and crafts. Each month, they’ll receive a box with crafts, recipes, maps, and more to learn about a new country. As a bonus, the first box comes with a backpack your traveler can use to store all of their information and decorate with a patch from each country’s box. Introduce kids and teens to the joys of travel by teaching them about interesting places around the world.

Price at time of publish: $35 per box

This box may come once a month, but your loved one will enjoy this specialty coffee every day. Each box comes with coffee and brewing tips along with a postcard from the country where the beans were grown. Choose your coffee’s grind type, your normal brew method, and roast preference to ensure your friend gets the perfect cup every time.

Price at time of publish: $28 per box

Travel the globe from your kitchen with traditional recipes from around the world. Every box comes with three recipe cards that will help families create meals that make them feel far from home. The boxes come with many unique ingredients but leave fresh fixings for you to choose for yourself so you can prepare meals whenever you want. Kids will love the educational activity sheets and collectibles that help them get to know their country of the month.

Price at time of publish: $35 per box

Make sure your travel lover stays in touch with new stationery items each month. Pick the petite box with five to seven items per month, or the classic box with eight to 10 per month. Each box includes office supplies designed to inspire creative note-taking and letter writing. With stickers, pens, washi tape, and more, travelers will love writing home each day of their trip.

Price at time of publish: $34 per box

This subscription box is perfect for beer lovers who love to explore regional brews. Craft beers from small-production breweries in almost all 50 states will be delivered right to their door. Choose from 12 or 24 beers per month, and enjoy varieties from two different regions and four different beer styles in each box. With multiple types in every shipment, your friends can sample regional favorites that come with the brews’ background story and recipe recommendations for a perfect pairing.

Price at time of publish: $48 per box

Coffee, books, and travel go hand in hand. So what better way to celebrate your favorite adventurer than with a subscription box that includes their next in-flight entertainment and a bag of coffee beans to help get them to the airport on time? Each month, My Coffee and Book Club sends a 12-ounce bag of ground or whole bean coffee and two hardcover books in the genre of your choice to make sure your friend always has something new to read and fresh to sip on.

Price at time of publish: $31 per box

Celebrate Japanese culture with this packed subscription box of monthly surprises. Whether you know someone obsessed with Japan or just beginning to plan their trip, this is the perfect box to introduce some cultural staples. Each box is created to match a particular theme from Japanese festivals to cities so recipients can learn while they munch. With 20 to 25 snacks and a cultural guide included in every package, there’s sure to be something new for everyone.

Price at time of publish: $46 for three months

Encourage a love of travel with this subscription box for kids 3 to 5 years old. Not only will your little traveler receive monthly puzzles, games, and crafts to spark their imaginations, their first box will also include a sturdy suitcase where they can collect all of their new activities. The first delivery comes with a wall-sized world map so they can track all of their adventures across the 24-month subscription period.

Price at time of publish: $30 per box

Wine of the Month Club

Whether you know a wine connoisseur or someone who simply enjoys an after-work drink, this may be the club for them. You can choose from a variety of monthly boxes—from rosé to Bordeaux—delivered directly to their door. Each box includes two choice bottles of wine selected from vineyards around the world direct to your glass.

Price at time of publish: $38 per box (classic series)

Is there a tech-savvy traveler on your shopping list who always seems to have the latest gadgets and gear? Consider adding to their collection with this quarterly subscription that includes five to eight high-end tech and lifestyle products per box. Each box will highlight seasonal items from outdoor fitness goods to camping gear that they’ll be excited to take on their next trip.

Price at time of publish: $169 per box

What better way to wish your friends and family well on their journeys than by providing their in-flight relaxation? Each Coloring and Classics subscription box includes adult coloring books, activity books, and a hardcover book in the genre of your choice to ensure your favorite traveler has plenty to do no matter how long the flight. You can even upgrade the subscription to include a monthly bag of gourmet coffee to enjoy when they return from the trip.

Price at time of publish: $31 per box

Take the kids in your life on a countrywide adventure with this monthly subscription box from Highlights. Through puzzles, games, maps, and more, kids will learn about U.S. geography with these fun and interactive activities that they can catalog in a travel journal they’ll receive in their first box. Each box also includes a souvenir keychain from one of the 50 states, so your little traveler can collect them all.

Price at time of publish: $19 per box

Feed that wanderlust with a monthly box of spices from around the world. Each month, your traveling foodie will receive four to five pouches of spices they can use to create three meals with the included recipe cards. Whether with world-renowned street foods or traditional dishes, this box will introduce your friends to simplified international meals that take less than 30 minutes to prepare.

Price at time of publish: $14 per box

Firstleaf Wine Club members can enjoy tasting wine varieties from all over the world right from home. Members select the types of wine they usually enjoy to create a custom taste profile and then receive their box filled with curated bottles. The first box comes with six wines the member then rates to help tailor their flavor profile even more. Whether you’re looking to explore all types of wines or find your new favorite from a specific region, this club is a fun exploration.

Price at time of publish: $90 per box

Let Martha Stewart herself bring dinner to your table each night with this subscription box. With over 45 fast and simple recipes to choose from, even the most novice chef will be cooking like Martha in no time. Choose the number of people your gift-receiver is cooking for and how many meals per week they'll want delivered and their box will arrive with seasonal and fresh ingredients that will simplify their life without sacrificing quality.

Price at time of publish: $62 for four-meal box

Help your favorite traveler sample more than six beauty products a month with this compact and fun cosmetics box. Each item arrives travel-size, perfect to take on their next adventure. If they're not sure what skincare products are best for them or if a shade is really their style, let them give them all a try without having to invest in a full-size (and expensive) product.

Price at time of publish: $18 per box

If you’re shopping for a friend who always has the munchies, consider this subscription snack box to help them broaden their taste buds. Each box includes up to 15 full-size snacks from well-known brands like Simple Mills and Made Good. Choose from classic, vegan, and gluten-free boxes to guarantee your friend will get to explore new snacks that are perfect for them.

Price at time of publish: $28 per box

Cozy up with a steaming cup of these ethically sourced and seasonal teas delivered to you each month. The Tea Club currently offers over 40 blends of teas sourced from five different countries to help subscribers explore the world of tea. They're far more than just your average teas, with flavors like maple ginseng, banana bread, and lavender fields.

Price at time of publish: $3 per box

Go beyond traditional book subscription boxes with this curated collection of horror, thrillers, and mystery books sure to keep your friends turning pages on their next long flight. Each month, subscribers receive two books plus a spooky surprise to keep them entertained all month long. If you can’t decide between the three genres, this box allows you to choose a “surprise me” category and your loved one's box will include hardcover books from two of the three genres.

Price at time of publish: $19 per box

For any traveling traveling men in your life, consider subscribing to this men’s club to help them explore some of the best grooming products. Subscribers will receive one full-size grooming product and two samples each month from trusted brands to add to their toiletry kit. From shaving kits to cologne and skincare products, members can enjoy the best products shipped in from Italy

Price at time of publish: $49 per box

Feel good about subscribing to this sustainable subscription box that includes up to seven eco-friendly and plastic-free beauty products each month. This box is perfect for travelers who have minimal space in their bags but don’t want to leave their daily routine behind. From zero-plastic laundry detergents and reusable makeup sponges to bamboo utensils, these items are all ethically sourced and either recyclable or compostable to help promote a zero-waste lifestyle wherever the road takes you.

Price at time of publish: $30 per box

For a fun and quirky gift your traveler will enjoy getting all year long, look no further than a monthly delivery of random socks. Each pair will flaunt a bright and trendy design without sacrificing quality and durability. Select their size and they'll enjoy the high-quality cotton no-show or crew-length socks that will keep feet supported wherever you go.

Price at time of publish: $12 per box

For a subscription meal box you’ll want to come home to, consider this restaurant-quality kit from Georgie and Tom’s. These no-prep meals can be cooked in five to eight minutes with a little help from your stovetop, microwave, or oven to get you sitting down to a healthy meal inspired by global cuisines. Select meals that suit your diet type, possible allergies, and favorite proteins to make you feel like every night’s dinner is prepared by a private chef. 

Price at time of publish: $58 for four meals

Snack in style with up to 10 healthy snacks curated by a nutritionist and delivered for your loved one’s enjoyment every month. Consider this a wellness care package to help them explore their new favorite health foods. Each box will include nutrition tips, workout challenges, guided meditations, and more to enhance a mindful lifestyle. Your traveler will feel great about packing your next carry-on bag with these nutritious and delicious snacks to satisfy any in-flight cravings.

Price at time of publish: $28 per box

If you’re shopping for someone who would rather sleep under the open stars than in a five-star resort, consider this survival and outdoor subscription box. From first-aid kits to camping stoves, on-the-go meals to sleeping bags, this large box won’t disappoint. Each box includes a mission card with expert insights so members can properly understand and use all equipment and gear the next time they head out on an adventure.

Price at time of publish: $190 per box

This beauty and self-care subscription box is specifically designed for women of color with textured or curly hair. Each box includes five to eight full-size and deluxe travel-size beauty products for women to treat themselves on-the-go or at home. Products are selected from the best established and emerging brands so members can feel confident bringing these products on their self-care journey.

Price at time of publish: $35

Discover your new favorite tea with this premium subscription box from Sips By. With teas chosen from 150 different brands from around the world, tea lovers are sure to enjoy mug after mug. Each monthly box comes with enough loose leaf and bagged tea for over 16 cups plus steeping guidelines and tasting notes for each variety. You’ll also love the reusable and biodegradable tea filters so you can sip and enjoy completely guilt-free.

Price at time of publish: $16 per box

Level up charcuterie boards with handcrafted, cured meats, and perfect pairings in every box from Carnivore Club. From dried fruits to jams, gourmet mustard to olives, your recipient will devour this delicious kit each month. Choose from the classic box or snack box to guarantee the meat-lovers in your life will enjoy global snacks including French Charcuterie, Italian Salumi, South African Biltong, and more.

Price at time of publish: $50

Who doesn't enjoy a little post-vacation self-care? Help frequent travelers relax back at home with this Mindful subscription box full of crystals, aromatherapy products, beauty products, and more. Each box includes up to eight items to promote relaxation and self-love while diving into spirituality and mindfulness. With no repeating items, your friend will enjoy brand new surprises each month to help them find that inner peace.

Price at time of publish: $40 per box

Your travelers are sure to love this monthly perfume subscription box with designer and niche scents from all over the world. Each box includes a travel-size perfume selected by fragrance specialists to help members find their signature scent. Travelers will love these TSA-approved bottles that they can easily slip into carry-on bags or purses. Plus, they won’t have to worry about larger bottles breaking or getting left behind.

Price at time of publish: $21 per box

For this article, T+L writer Taylor Fox used her experience as a travel writer and lifestyle editor to curate the best subscription box options to gift travel lovers.

The 31 Best Subscription Boxes to Gift in 2022 | by Travel + Leisure

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